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Alternator pulley sizes 172 ph1

I found out today that the aux belt tensioner slightly rubs my aux belt. A while ago I replaced the pulley on my alternator since the original plastic one that was one there broke. I replaced it with a metal one I found on here. Could it be possible that there's a slight size difference in the pulley which causes the tensioner to slightly be off and therefore rub? The part of the tensioner that rubs is the very bottom part of the spring. See pics in the topic below, mine looks exactly like that.


Some pictures
IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1940.JPG
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Sorry for the double post but I can't edit it anymore. I've found the below topic about running a 1670 belt instead of the standard 1660. But i'd first like to know if this issue is caused by the metal alternator pulley being bigger than the plastic one that was on there originally.
Ok yeah its definitely the pulley then. It's just slightly larger but i cant take a measurement in there since theres too little space in there. Going to put a longer belt on which should fix it. The belt is just too tight now.