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Android Game Pass / X Cloud


ClioSport Club Member

In similar vein to the above video, I’ve been majorly impressed by the xcloud beta. I cast from my note 10+ 5G to my tv and it’s been amazing so far. Essentially it’s cost nearly nothing for me to get up and running. The lack of downloads and updates etc are amazing. Stadia is better but misses the games of Xbox and ps5 on the whole. Just playing FH4. Because racing puma.

I think my goal is to add my wheel etc but I have to come up with a better plan. Bluetooth wheels and pedal anyone? I’m currently using my stadia controller via usb c. I’ll pick up a Bluetooth controller this week so I can charge the phone at the same time, don’t fancy a dongle set up.

Okay we might not be full 4K and 120fps from a phone but the experience is very good. Especially for 5 minute set up and the fact I can’t even play for a horizon 4 on my surface pro 7.

Anyway, if anyone was interested in light gaming but don’t want to shell out big bucks. Cast your screen to your tv and away you go!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Do people know if or when Xcloud will be coming to smart TV's so you can stream directly from there rather than having to buy a console?


ClioSport Club Member
No sure. I just cast my phone screen to my big TV. Resize the image and it's great.