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Annoying headlight stalk

Does anyone else find that when you flash people with your headlights already on you end up wacking on your main beams and blinding them! You have to be quite delicate in order just to give a little flash!
  7.6cc :D

Thats only if your headlights have come on automatically, if the switch is back (i.e manually) it flashes as normal!
  Clio 1.6 16V

Yep ....Ive spotted this feature with auto/non-auto lights mode. I think it is something to do with the switch mechanics. You are right Zidan, you have to be gentle on that stalk otherwise you are stuck on full flares!

Yeah, I got annoyed with the auto-lights and delved into my lovely Dutch manual to figure out how to turn it off. Its dark, therefore must remember to turn lights on........not really that hard is it?

1st time I went to flash someone to let them out of a side street I still had my auto selection on ended up giving his retinas a toasting!!

Before you put your key in the ignition next time, try turning your lights on and off quickly twice. I think this is the way to deactivate it if you have auto lights. If it is, then you will hear a bleep.

Ive pulled back the stalk to switch from full beam to normal beam and switched off the lights alltogether because my finger caught the off switch on the stalk. But then Im stupid. Derr huh.

Matt, I managed to do the same thing once.......go to switch beams and turn off the lights completely!! Not the desired result on a dark country road.....only happened once as I am more careful now!