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Annoying steering and clutch pedal squeaking

  Clio 182

I have a clio 182 and have owned it for about 8 years now. Its getting abit long in the tooth now and there are several annoying problems which have cropped up over the last year or two and i wondered if anyone may have had these same problems and might be able to help me resolve them.

Firstly, my steering at times is making an awful rubber squeaking noise, particularly on a hot day. It sounds like it is in the footwell (inside the car rather than underneath). Here is a video of it the other day..

The second issue is the clutch pedal which is doing a similar thing, again particularly on a hot day it squeaks and grinds when being used. This problem i have had for a while and have put on 2 new clutch cables to try to resolve it (first one was non renault part and wasnt correct length so after it was bodged on i soon changed it realising the tension was far higher than it should have been). After fitting the renault genuine cable the problem continued.. I tried to solve this myself before and ended up not being able to get the cable back onto the pedal under the footwell and had to get the car towed to a garage..

Here is the video of the clutch noise..

Im hoping to go on a road trip soon and want to try fix these problems before i go, any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.