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Another view on the cup... DONT BUY

anything else if you want a top performer.

Providing you are happy without abs, climate, spare etc...

this thing is BLOODY AMAZING..

same as a standard 172 to about 80 mph.. then oh JEEEEZ !!.. I kid you not, the 80-110 time in 4th is about 5 seconds faster than a standard 172.. YES -- 5 seconds..

we are putting the ap22 on the cup, 172 and v6 next week, so will report back..

changes appear to be (apart from the weight of a passenger removed)... intake runners slightly shorter and ecu mapping (due to intake runner length)

the suspension feels identical.. the changes made are so subtle obviously.

I really like the Cup, shame about the lack of climate control and abs.. but.. I tell ya what... I wont be doing a motorway grand prix with one...

  Clio 197

Great news Joe. Im about to get my Jean Ragnotti order in. Hope they aent all gone!

Im getting used to the buzz on the autobahn in my Willy so the Clio should feel luxurious in comparison.

  172 & LCR

How does it manage to carve 5 secs off between 80-110 seems like a hell of a difference is it geared differently or do you reckon it was just an unusualy fast cup vrs a not so quick standard 172 as we all know every standard 172 will kick out different bhp figures some get a quick one others get a not so quick one, hope this makes sense capt.

hi guys..

ok.. sit a 13.6 stone bod in the passenger seat and let rip in your 172..

the cup can accelerate the SAME with 2 people, as a standard 172 with only one.!

that, my friends, is the difference.. load up yer 172 with yer pal n record the difference in times (80-110) fourth gear - all in the power band btw...

Now imagine the acceleration without even the driver present.... yikes !

Paddy is correct lol

Neil... I was very cautious of the fact.. you take a tiny tad more care.. but, I would like to see abs on EVERY car made for the road..

Will I buy one... ??

Hell no.. I love me comforts, and the turbo should add a BHP or two ...

As for if they are worth it.. jeeeeeeeez, yes, if you can live without the comforts for the odd blast on the tarmac runway called the m6 etc... then kewl..


seems to me that we should get the turbo fitted asasp then

either that or take the spare wheel out and get some light weight alloys

aha.. thanks Craggy.

it is difficult to tell with the covers off, but a side by side comparison seemed to show a shorter runner length.

either way, the performance difference 2 up still stands )



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Joe -

Told you there was summat odd about it!

Think what it will be like when its run in then...

So, we still set for one night this week?!

As youve managed to drive one ( lucky F*cker! ) Have you seen the R-Sport catalogue? When I ordered my Cup I was informed that the catalogue would come when it was delivered and registered? Dont suppose you know what mods it can have under the warranty? Also are the seats as sh*te as everyone says?


ChavyBoy, is this a Type-R eater? Well find out when I get mine in a months time. I did loads of AP22 tests on my Integra, which incidentally was very well run in and looked after, so we shall see...

Ill keep you posted!

I was up at Santa Pod on saturday and everyone I spoke to said that the first thing ill want to do to my Cup is change the seats as the driving position is crap and that the seats are no where near as nice as the normal 172?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

You can change em all you want but its mighty difficult to fundamentally change the driving position! Its the same with a normal 172 - something you get used to. The trick is to sit closer to the steering wheel than you normally would. I sat in a Cup and found the seats just fine - different to a stock 172 as they are fabric rather than leather/alcantra, but still perfectly OK.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, I had no problem with the seats.

Well, would be nicer if they were leather, but thats nowt that cant be sorted!

I can honestly say I cannot see what all the fuss is about the driving position in the Clio... what exactly is wrong with it ?? It has been slated for years, but I honestly cannot see what people are moaning about.. what are the (alleged) problems ??

I know the above is a little off tangent, but nevermind!!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


As well as the Clio Cup, a mk1 172, two mk2 172s and a mk1 V6, we have also got a Civic Type-R and an Ibiza Cupra joining our little group test in the next couple of days...

Captain is bring his AP along too, so we can get some times recorded.

My money is on the Cup after driving it the other night and Captain will probably agree here after he drove it too.

Be even better when the turbo is fitted...

Its very high up. Guess im used to the low position of my GSI at present but when I test drove a 172 it was difficult as im 6"3 and felt as though my head was jammed in ceiling! Havent driven a cup yet (although ive ordered one!) but expect it to be similar.

Have to say im not really bothered as the benefits of the Cup far outweigh the drawbacks.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Ok Craggy mate, well see if someone has a digi video camera then we can get some MPEGs sorted out.

The Cup has a bit of a disadvantage becuase it is spanking new and not got any miles on it, so will be tight as hell, wheras the others have all got some mileage on them.

Well see...


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, well be running them up head-to-head as its more fun that way!

As for the Cupra, no its boggo, I went to USC in it this weekend as a passenger.

Done about 6000 miles only and he ran very low 16s all day.

Was a chipped one there, silver, had the 210bhp chip, filter & zorst and he pulled 14.7 best!

My mate now wants the chip!

hey capt
sorry to be a bit ignorant but whats the difference between a 172 and a "cup".
i live now live in aus (orignally Reading,no comparision),and were not getting this cup".
just for interest we only got 85 mk1 172s (mines 37) and these are called renault clio cup sports (NOT 172s as we use kw figures here not bhp).
cheers Grant