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Ant news on getting a Cup front lip yet



I ve ordered one as the renault parts system now accepts the part number which I have had for about 5 months now, the only problem is the price as mattbrown said it does cost around the £130.00 mark.


  320d M Sport

thats what i meant??? i thought the price was £130...which is fair enough, but Matt said add a few noughts???? being half asleep i thought he meant a ridicoulous price...

  320d M Sport

DOHHH!! I should know by now Matt!! Sorry STILL asleep but i get it now, did u get a free Clio with your spoiler then Matt?;)

Someone at the parts department at Renault HQ is really canny. Not only are the boggo prices absurd, but the prices of "desireable" stuff is totally out of this world! My mate has a GT Turbo and wanted those "Renault" and "Turbo" badges from the Master van: a snip at £20 each!!

soz paddy i beat u 2 it i fitted the cup rear spoiler 2 mine about 3 month ago off 1 of the first cups in the country because it had minor damaged so i got it repaired and painted and fitted on ma car.