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Any Ideas please??!!

  S2 106 GTI
Just recently No.244 has developed a rattle/little knocking sound coming from the rear? I have Koni rear dampers and mark fish springs -
- At first I thought it might be the koni's just tapping on the body work but removing them and having a good look numerous times, made no difference.
- Next I thought it might be the parcel shelf, nope removed it and still the same.
- Rear quarter plastics, checked all of the fittings and there all fine.
Its only just stated up the passed week or so, only does it when the road it rough or is bumpy.
I just recently went out with the mrs driving and I was sat in the back seeing if I could listen to the noise and going over the same road which made the noise before it didn't make it as much??? any body have any ideas what this can be??

I am guess it stopped with having a slight weight in the back?