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Any tips, Strut + hub

  Dodgy one
Last time i had the front end stripped down to replace the top mount i found it a bit of a Ba****d trying to line the Hub and strut hole up to get the two bolts in has anyone got any tips that will make things easier other than brute force which i did last time and nearly ended up off the Stands :cool:
  BG 182
all i can think of is block of wood under ball joint and jack the hub upto the suspension strut then try get the bottom of the two bolts in first, then push the hub towards the car and then ue a flat headed screwdriver to pry the top part of the hub into the strut then put the top bot in, it works for me. hope this helps
  Not a poxy Renault
Jack up the other side of the car so there is no, or very little stress in the Anti Roll Bar (both front wheels off the ground), top hole should line up ok, then just move the hub around until the bottom hole lines up. Easy peasy.