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Anyone any ideas - 182 not happy


just set off on a 40 mile journey today in 05 182 with 13k on got up to temp as normal (rock solid half way up the temp gauge)....suddenly after 4-5 miles it started power disappeared then on again...ended up semi kangaroo'ing along at 40-50 mph..

look down at the temp gauge and it was flying around all over the place up and down...after about 10 secs of this things calmed down and power was back although lumpy but the temp kept dropping from 1/2 to 1/4 then back again. Decided to turn round & ended up doing the journal in the wifes saxo.

Went back to the 182 and tried again tonight....not quiet as bad this time but temp gauge still moving too much and car feels odd to drive..

anyone come across this before? any ideas? (its going into reno at the first chance I think)

p.s. does anyone get a muffled type clunk if accelerator press suddenly of lift off suddenly? this engine mounts on the way out?

thanks alot


Common problem is the temp sensor. Will need replacing.

The clunk does indeed sound like engine mounts.
  george 172,205,metro
deffo temp sensor as it control fueling so hence all the problems and the clunk is normally the rear mount.
You most probably/definatly wont need new mounts at all just will need existings ones refitted correctly the top right mount also the one under the battery can move common problem. Alot have had knocking problems me included.
I wouldnt recommend changing the mounts over to the ktec ones especially when your car is so new just use the warranty available...