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Anyone changed the MK2 172 wheel colour


I am having my MKII 172 wheels refurbed next month and am thinking about the possibility of changing the colour (although I will probably keep them the same).

I was just wondering if anyone had changed the colour of theirs and if they have could the post some pics?


Ah, ok then, didnt realise.

Ill try and get a better pic, Im sure there is a girl on here with a black Mk2 172 that posted her washed car....Ill have a search.
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^^Thats good enough lol.

16vclio has anthracite 172 wheels but not as dark as that.

I like it.

I have just done a search for 16Vclio but all of the pics of his wheels have gone.....damn hosting sites!

Get them back up for me...pretty please!

*EDIT* Doh, Im actually guessing that is his car ^^

Mine are slightly darker than the standard alloys, titanium I think the bloke said, they are nice and subtle with the iceburg silver car, however the anthracite looks fantastic on all colours and are fashionable at the moment. is getting very tempting.

I just need soem bigger pics though, just so I can get a proper look.

I think I rem seeing somewhere that Alans are Titanium and not Anthracite, but perhaps Im wrong.

PMd and emailed mate and yeah they are Titanium which is basically the same jus a little darker than anthracite.

^^^they look good. Just been getting the opinions from people on another forum and off a few people I keep getting the "they just look like dirty wheels" remark.

But what do they know, they drive mondeos etc!
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^^ In the flesh, the effect is much better IMO. Its easy to look at a picture and say they look like drity wheels but when you actually see them, they look like theyre supposed to be like that!

Yeh I know, I think Im going to go to a renault dealer soon anyway so might see if they have a 182 with this colour wheels on, or see if I can go on the hunt for one. But at this point I think it is getting done. Only prob with this car though is that the spare is a prper Allot too so Ive got to get that done (well havent GOT to to I will to make a proper job of it)

I take it its easy to change the colour of the center cap too even though its not metal?
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

I believe they mix up some paint the same colour as the powder coat and spray the centre cap.