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Anyone from berks/surrey area goign to FCS and can take some bits for me?

  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Ive got a set of cams that I need to get to Dan@SJM as he is fitting them for the person I have sold them to.

Anyone going to FCS who is relatively local to this area that I can drop them off with who can pass them to Dan for me?

Would normally ask Cub. but he is Manchester at a gay pride rally or something this week IIRC.
  SJM'd197'dBTM'd 182
I can do mate, gotta go back to Plymouth later this week so more than happy to.
Might have to courier a cat for him (that he forgot) if he hasnt already sent it
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Thanks for the offer Ed, will take you up on that if no one a bit closer to where I am at the moment (staines) offers, as you are about 1.5 hour round trip from me.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
@Chip-mk1 if you can get ten to Eastcote i dont mind running them down
Thanks for the offer mate but sadly as I am in my van this week im not allowed to Eastcote
(Van is not compliant with the LEZ so get charged 250 quid a day if I venture into it!)
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
@-J- actually Mike from MWM says I can borrow his BMW and drop them off tonight if you are around (he lives just outside the LEZ so can swap my van for his car on the way in!)

Can you PM me your number and address if you are?

Thanks mate!
  SJM'd197'dBTM'd 182
Dont mind coming across if that helps you out, or meeting part way, or on route and will jump down the M3/303.
Sisters bf lives in staines, will see if he is coming across this week.
I am probably going Wednesday night or Thursday.
Let me know happy to help either way