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Anyone had there side bumper strips colur coded on there 172

Im thinking of getting mine done along with the door handles as well and have been quoted around £140/£150 for paint/labour etc...
I have seen a few in the gallery and look really nice.The new 172s look great with the colour coded side strips on,especially the silver ones.
Is this a reasonable price and has anyone had any problems after?

Hi there,

I got mine colour coded to the Titanium silver.......left the 2lt 16v in black...looks well, as you can see on some of the cars in the gallery.
I got mine (2 side bump strips) done for £100....I suppose if you make a habbit of banging against things they wont look to good after a while. Ive had no problems and its the best 100 ever spet....makes the car look alot better.

Hey ian got mine done about a year ago,still look good.but also had my mirrors,door handles and boot lock done.....why....cause i hate having to go around with the "back to black" everytime.
and eventually they go grey anyway if there not painted.

Hi Grant
Yeah im going to get mine done this week,but only the door handles and side strips,i dont want fancy it completely colour coded.
Do they actually take off the side strips,and how are they put on again,is it with double sided tape?
I am also getting my bonnet buffed up has there is a few places which bird muck has taken the lacquer off.
Ill let you know how i get on,then post a few pictures to the gallery.

Just had various chips and door dents taken out and had the handles and strips coded. It really improves the looks. You guys should send your stuff over to South Africa for painting. Mine cost 450 Rand which is equal to £28! A thought for Silver car owners - have the strips and handles done a darker mettalic like those on the Laguna 2 3.0 V6. It would look awesome.