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Mondial 172 Cup OEM+ / Rolling Resto


ClioSport Club Member

I've recently bought a Mondial Blue 172 cup as a weekend toy, it's a solid car that's clearly been loved by it's previous owners (last owner was a CS member and had it for 10yrs) but as with all things, age and miles take their toll so the intention is to carry out a bit of a rolling restoration while keeping it fairly standard.

I've had it a few weeks now, first job was to give it a deep clean, clay, polish and wet vac the interior, the inside looked clean but the water that came out of the seats was vile :sick:

then put some fresh plates on it, and touch in a load of little stone chips etc






then put some miles on it



I've had it in the bodyshop this week to get the rear bumper, side strips, door bullets and original gearknob insert painted to tidy it up a bit





ClioSport Club Member



That's it pretty much up to date, I've got a load of service bits to fit - engine and gearbox oil, sump gasket, selector seal & bush and a whiteline rear ARB

next on the list will be a new steering wheel, and a wheel refurb and some new tyres as the wheels are scruffy and Rainsport 5's are absolute dog toffee.



ClioSport Club Member
Fitted the whiteline ARB this afternoon, rear beam is a bit scruffy but it's fine for now, I will get round to getting it blasted and powder coated at some point but for now I've given the beam and the ARB a wipe over with some ACF50.





Cleaned off the awful sticky remains of the soft touch coatings with some isopropyl alcohol too..

I've added a new head unit to the list.. I can live with the one that's fitted for now but it looks rubbish and more annoyingly the removable faceplate rattles 🤦‍♂️, Blaupunkt do some nice plain OEM looking stuff so I'll probably go for one of them.


ClioSport Club Member
I've put another few hundred miles on the Clio in the last week or so, had a snapped spring on the daily last weekend so I've had to press it into daily duties this week.. driving up to work with no AC and cruise control was miserable, but being able to take it on some amazing roads up here makes up for it .


It's crying out for a LSD and some proper tyres though...


ClioSport Club Member
Off work for a couple of weeks so decided to get a couple of jobs done, the previous owner had mentioned a leaky selector seal and weeping sump gasket when I bought it so I knew what was coming...


Bought a Febi split seal kit (I know...) And some brass bushes


Got the Jizer out and cleaned off the grime, took it apart and went to fit the half moons of the seal and they were tight.. very tight, even without the O rings. Attempted to put the kit in anyway but they were simply too big, got them knocked in eventually but the selector was so tight it wouldn't even move 🙄. Removed it and ordered a Mapco kit to see if that's any better.

Don't worry.. it gets worse. I drained the oil and it's full of brass. The box has been a bit whiney on overrun since I got it so I'm not really surprised.



It's just going to get a new seal and fresh oil for now, but I'm looking for a used box to get rebuilt with a LSD. Obviously I'm less than delighted after 1000 miles of ownership but these things happen.

Fitted the brass shifter bushes while I was under there too


And flushed the PAS fluid with a couple of litres of MOTUL Dex 2 ATF as the old stuff was well overdue


That's the old gear I sucked out of the reservoir to start with, not the worst I've seen but it smelled burnt.

Today was a bit better, jacked the engine up, drained the oil and removed the sump to change the gasket



Sump came off easily with no nasty surprises this time.


New oil, filter and sump bolts to go in.


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ClioSport Club Member
I started to scrub the grotty sump with Jizer and scotchbrite but quickly got bored and took it somewhere local to get vapour blasted while I waited, much better. New Victor Reinz gasket fitted too.



Mating face on the block cleaned up nicely (after this pic..)



And sump refitted with bolts torqued to spec.

Just waiting on the new selector seal to arrive now then I can fill the box, and hopefully I'll be able to pick up a spare box in the next few weeks


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ClioSport Club Member
Good and bad news..

Bad news, the gearbox is pissing out oil, about 100ml a week, it's got a drip tray under it on the drive at the moment and when you drive it you can smell the drops of gearbox oil presumably being blown off the under tray onto the downpipe/cat and burning off.

I've topped it up again today, but having driven it since, and bearing in mind the weather is about to turn I'm just going to SORN it this weekend and start getting the bits together to sort it out, it needs a timing belt too so I may as well take the engine and box out and give the whole front end a refresh.

Good news, a little while back I picked up this lovely BTB exhaust & 182 manifold.


I then spotted a 172 Milltek decat pipe on eBay, thought it would be a good idea to buy it and get a magnaflow sports cat welded into it



I could have stainless MIG'd it myself, but there's a lad local to me who TIG'd it together for less than it would have cost me to get some more stainless mig gas.


I'm really happy with that, I've chased the lambda boss threads out and stuck it in the corner of the garage for now.


ClioSport Club Member
dont think that cat will work with the 182 manifold
nah it won't, I've decided (for now) to use the stock manifold and the miltek DP, keeps it more original and it means I don't have to fabricate a link pipe with a cat in for the 182 manifold