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Anyone in stoke/staffs fancy a photo meet?

Morning my fellow stokies ;)

Anyone half good with a camera fancy meeting up? The RSi comes out the bodyshop on thurs and it would be nice to get some semi-decent pics for a change and meet some local members.

Thanks duck...
I have no idea, never been to a meet before, I got to keele university and know most of stoke so could meet anywhere really!

Also - I have no camera lol
On another note - Did the cat/fiddle the other day and had a bit of an adventure around buxton. Amazing roads/locations but maybe a bit far for some people.
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I will be up for this there are a few members from around this area now, just need dates and times and it will be reet :)
Getting my car back on thursday, so i'll be free any evening/weekend after this weekend, who's the area rep?


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There isnt one for Staffordshire.

Im in though :)
What this man says...technically Chris is North West (South), but think Stoke is at the very North of West Midlands/South of North West!


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hi everyone i am from stoke and i pick my trophy up on saturday so i would be up for a meet, if i am welcome :)