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Anyone tried any Meguairs products Are they any good

as topic really.

What products have you tried and how do they fare compared to the likes of zymöl, Emerald Turtle Wax, AutoGlym etc.

Note for Girlracer... noticed at the weekend that my halfords now sells xymol shampoo and zymol leather cleaner as well as the cleaner wax.



Hi mate

tried the polish and it is fantastic the best i have ever had and i have had the lot...worth a purchase definately


I have used the tire gel, the gold class wax, the shampoo and the quick detailer. My opinion, they are awesome. I´ve just bought the clay bar but my Clio is only 4 months old so I haven´t used yet.

Been using it for a while - got loads last time i was in the states - its good stuff and becoming more readily available in many places

Defo recommend

you can get it from

seems like we are getting ripped off again in the Uk... if you check the prices on the uk website then check them out again at, youll see what i mean...