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aol mail

  BG 182

im having serious issues with my mailbox on my MBP, it will not for love nor money send an email!!!!!! i can receive emails fine. but it keeps saying 'cannot send message using server'

it has been like this for ages and ive tried deleting account and re-setting it up using settings found online and it does the same everytime.

its setup on my iphone 4 and i can send and receive email with no problems.

ive tried editing the SMTP server list:

by using SSL and not using it
by using a custom port
changing authentication to 'none' and 'password'

this is driving me insane, can anyone throw any other ideas at me. also my account was hacked last year and i sent email to everyone i had ever had any contact with via aol. dont know if this is relevant or not?


  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)
what i would suggest is go into mail preferences, remove your AOL account completely by clicking the "-" minus symbol on the bottom left, and then setting it up from scratch... the outgoing mail server should automatically set to ""... provided you enter your email address and password correctly, it should work... :)
  BG 182
thanks for the reply, ive tried this above 10 times. if i didnt enter the correct password would i still be able to receive mail? i assume i wouldnt?
when my account was hacked i did change my password but like i say everything works fin on my phone
This has happened to me a few times, never goes on that long. It either sorts its self out or i have to reenter my password. Do you have your old password in your keychain?
  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)
hmm... then there must be something up with AOL... you must be entering ur password correctly for u to receive mail... must be something up with your outgoing server... might be worth giving AOL a call...