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Apex'd 1.2

  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
wow!!! that is a very very nice 1.2, probaly one of my favourite's. Never seen it on here before.

Fancy e-mailing everything u have done too it :)... im well impressed.
Another quality 1.2

Jebus the forums this morning are restoring my faith in the ability of some people to modify a car and knowing where to stop (based on my tastes of course, so "IMO" ;))
cheers for the comments, I like to keep it subtle modded. just waiting to paint the drums black and silver the brakes, on the list for the time beening.
list mods(not much):
carbo bonnet
grill 172/82
silvervision allround
lowered apex60mm kit
CUstom ss exhaust 3"twin (cut bumper)
K&N panel filter (tryed pipXinduction kit just reduced response of car)
Team dynamic pro 1.2 17"
full colour coded
Rearwindow tints
richbrooke beesting areail
infinty comps
pioneer kelver 6x9
vibe 12"active
kenwood headunit
momo pedals
richbrooke gearnob