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Apple Macbookpro Vs Adobe CS

  Abarth 500
Anyone got the new intel based apples and are running CS2 on them? iv heard all the problems you can have, CS locking up, not installing, etc....anyone come accross it or is it just a few cases?......might wait for CS3 :dapprove:
  Scenic mk1 (F3R)
im running it fine but in my opinion you need a gig plus of ram ive got 2gig my self and had no problems
  A red missile
Some of the systems guys at work have CS2 on their laptops, when i get back there next weekend i'll ask if theres any known problems and how to deal with them, to be honest they seem to have no trouble at all from what i've seen but they're an odd bunch, im sure they communicate in binary.
The problem is, CS2 has to run in Rosetta as it isn't a Universal binary. (so it's kinda emulated).

CS3 will be proper universal, so should run much better/quicker.

A lot of people don't seem to have a problem with it tho on the intel based Mac's..