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Arctic 182 for Track


ClioSport Club Member
Bought this 182 with the idea of putting it on track a few times this year, it won't be finished by then but will be good to get it out a couple of times to see what's what. As im saving for a wedding I don't have a great deal of money to throw at it, so ill be trying to source various parts second hand but obviously getting new bits when required! Using a 330ci for a daily drive but will be great to have this as a second car for blasting around track and not having to worry if it will also get me to work the next day :)

I've previously had two 172's which I like to think were finished to a good standard before parting with, won't bore the thread with specs but they were fairly respectable, the second one actually had more done to it!

First black 172:
DSC002011 by danfullstop, on Flickr
DSC00301 by danfullstop, on Flickr
DSC00314 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Second Silver 172:
P1010372 (Large) by danfullstop, on Flickr
P1010361 (Large) by danfullstop, on Flickr

182 advert photos:
$_57 (10) by danfullstop, on Flickr
$_57 (9) by danfullstop, on Flickr
$_57 (4) by danfullstop, on Flickr
$_57 (1) by danfullstop, on Flickr

How it currently looks:
IMG_1126 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1121 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Today I have:
Removed the bumper and fitted the now 'standard' cs skoda splitter
Removed fog lights (one to replace the Fiancée's broken one!)
Removed the Airbox & Ancillaries
Removed the Headlights
Removed the Carbon Canister
Fitted Fake eBay Silvervisions (ofc)
Found out it needs an inner tie rod (currently knocks when moving the wheel)
Found out it has hardly any PAS fluid!
Had delivery of some coilovers that might not fit it (due to me not checking the hub spacing....)
and made some room in the garage for it :)

Current plans are:
Fit the replacement Headlights (non Xenon)
Fit the coilovers (if it has 54mm hubs)
Buy some HC Discs, ATE Fluid & Carbon Lorraine RC5+ Pads
Strip it to high heaven but leaving in the roof lining to save me getting dripped on
Renew all fluids
Pure Motorsport Solid Top mounts
Budget Induction Setup
Purchase 15" wheels
Uprated Dogbone mount

Future Plans:
Rear cage
Single Bucket
Some sort of exhaust upgrade (unsure what I want yet)
182 Cat Mod and/or de-cat
Move the battery to the boot
Cup Racer style Induction setup
Change the steering wheel from something less s**t
Pure Motorsport Strut brace
RSR's for the 15's
and if I find them cheap a whiteline Arb and Solid engine mounts

Will have to drive this to track days so need to renew the MOT at some point as well as getting some limited mileage, mirrored NCB insurance from Greenlight and 6 months tax!

Welcome back! I ddint know you had a garage? And it looks a decent width too (especially compared to mine)

I have my old ITG filter, its not the best but you can have it if you want? its seen some milage! I also have a bunch of shitty/various silicone bends etc your welcome to pinch if you want?

Oh yeh nice car! Prefer the silver one though ;)


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers mate, just enough room beside it to put the bins out so the misses is happy :)

Thanks for the offer but already bought some bits for the induction setup, only cost like £30 so all good ta!

So ye... went out and measured my hubs, 60mm ffs lol. Guess the H&R's are up for sale then!


ClioSport Club Member
Done a few small bits today:

Dogbone off eBay:
IMG_1156 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1162 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Temporary Pikey Induction Setup fitted, all for the grand sum of £35:
IMG_1154 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1155 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Picked up these Team Dynamics Monza R 15's from @Snails ready to be sprayed up when the weather gets better:
IMG_1167 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Fitted aftermarket Budget Headlights, nice to see that everything lines up nicely lol:
IMG_1157 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Bosh! :)
IMG_1158 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1159 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1163 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Tucked up with its 'protective' rag:
IMG_1166 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Quick pic of the Fiancée's bean:
IMG_1165 by danfullstop, on Flickr

I've ordered some Arctic Blue paint to spray the interior once its all removed, hopefully will strip everything out in the next couple of weeks and remove all the tar etc. Once complete ill then get a Corbeau Club Sport ordered, an OMP subframe and an OMP 330 GP wheel, oh and a 3" 4 point blue harness:



Lastly, im on the hunt for a second hand 182 cat back for around the £250 mark, ideally a Yozza but don't see many for sale that often any more :(

Does anyone know of a company that supplies track car lightweight door cards that aren't made from carbon? I used to have carbon ones in the Black 172 but happy with budget jobs for this car tbh, worst case ill just cut some out of something, won't look great though with my cutting skills lol :D


ClioSport Club Member
Loving the random upside down pictures, no idea why the forum is doing that!
  Clio 182
Cm composites do black fiberglass door cards for clios

I have a set of cup racer headlight blanks if ur intrested?


ClioSport Club Member
Sorry about the disappointing bean pic guys, not sure she would be to happy if I put up the real thing :p

Anyway... ordered some Arctic paint so took the day off Friday to strip this out, remove the tar strip and paint it up. Will need to heat the paint cans up mind you as I doubt they will spray to well in this weather. Once completed ill get the Single Seat and OMP wheel ordered and fitted :)

Also should have my Janspeed exhaust arriving today or tomorrow so will attempt to fit that, although it looks like it somehow still has the original fitted so the bolts could be an issue to get rid of with my limited tools, we shall see!

BC racing coilover with the harder springs should arrive next week, so might end up fitting those next weekend.


ClioSport Club Member
So spent the last couple of days working on the toy, this arrived the other day:

IMG_1191 by danfullstop, on Flickr
Ktec/Janspeed supersports exhaust, saved a good bit off RRP and came with a de-cat which ill fit once it has a fresh MOT in June.

Started my stripping the car:
IMG_1175 by danfullstop, on Flickr
Half way there!

IMG_1179 by danfullstop, on Flickr
Done! Left the headliner in for the time being, will probably remove it once I get a cage next year though.

Standard exhaust next....
IMG_1189 by danfullstop, on Flickr
Couldn't get the car high enough fit it out, both jacks on full with the rear beam dropped :(

Busted out the Dremmel and cut one of the boxes off :)
IMG_1190 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Then went onto fitting the replacement:
IMG_1192 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1193 by danfullstop, on Flickr
The right tip is slightly off centre, did the classic old socket trick in the rear hangers but couldn't get it any further over, the left is fine so I think its been slightly bent in transit to me, not bothered tbh as it doesn't appear to rattle and looks good enough for me.

Tar next:
IMG_1197 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1196 by danfullstop, on Flickr
Cya 10Kg's!

All the crap to dump, ignore the wheel :p
IMG_1180 by danfullstop, on Flickr

All in all, good start, need to finish getting rid of the sticky s**t left by the tar, will then prep it (lol) to paint the inside next weekend perhaps. Might have my coilovers by then as well, so will probably tackle the front brakes at the same time.
  182 - F56 MCS
Going to follow this thread closely as it's almost exactly what I'm doing to mine! Plus I see you live very local to me!


ClioSport Club Member
Got a few bits in the post!
IMG_1210 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1211 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1214 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Cracked out the paint and sprayed the dash strips
IMG_1227 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Then set to spraying the inside, not the best job in the world but better than it was! :)
IMG_1228 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Seat and harness in!
IMG_1232 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Seat in, makes the bus drivers wheel look lovely lol.
IMG_1234 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Was hoping to fit the OMP wheel as well, but the weather/light got the better of me so will continue next weekend, coilovers should be here by then as well :)


ClioSport Club Member
Looks good! I saw them seats on ebay, if they are the ones im thinking they are very good value for money.
Ye they are, £160 a pop with side mounts! Bargain tbh, just not FIA approved, like a give a s**t :) Normally only get second hand or shitty steel framed seats for that price!


ClioSport Club Member
Taken delivery of:

ATE Fluid
Ex Cup Racer PF97 pads
BC Racing Coilovers with the stiffer springs
M.A.D toe eye (as I hate straps!)
BIGASH's old RSR 205/50/15 tyres (picking these up Friday)
Some satin black paint for the wheels
Grip tape for the drivers footwell

Should be a busy day friday :)


ClioSport Club Member
So yesterday and this morning I got a few bits done:

Fitted the OMP & wired up the horn, OMP boss's are s**t btw.
IMG_1258 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Fitted some eBay special grip tape, doesn't look the best but serves a purpose!
IMG_1263 by danfullstop, on Flickr

IMG_1264 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Unboxed and fitted the coilovers:
IMG_1255 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1256 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1257 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Sprayed the Monza's satin black ready for the RSR's to be fitted today:
IMG_1274 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Few pics of how she sits at present:
IMG_1268 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1269 by danfullstop, on Flickr
IMG_1279 by danfullstop, on Flickr

Cup Spoiler is in the post, wasn't going to bother but the rear end looks really strange without one tbh.

Will get the brakes sorted next weekend perhaps :)


ClioSport Club Member
Youve ruined a nice car :wink:

Whats up with OMP boss's?
s**t fit compared to the Momo ones, about as good as their subframes lol. Luckily that seem to be able to make harnesses and steering wheels ok
s**t fit compared to the Momo ones, about as good as their subframes lol. Luckily that seem to be able to make harnesses and steering wheels ok
you realise you need a momo one for the 182 becuause of the cruise control bits? I tried to fit an omp one to 182 and it didnt fit, just saying


ClioSport Club Member
you realise you need a momo one for the 182 becuause of the cruise control bits? I tried to fit an omp one to 182 and it didnt fit, just saying
Oh right, no didn't realise that, did away with the cruise control bits anyway and it fitted, not fine, but fitted never the less.

Looking good mate, cars coming along quickly!
Progress will slow down(ish) minus the Cup Spoiler purchase and brake fitting, and I might match the inlets.


ClioSport Club Member
Oh and the ESP light appears to be constantly on now, can't drive it anywhere to test it properly but would imagine this was something to do with moving the yaw sensor, might get rid completely I guess, unsure if the ESP light is an MOT fail though?


ClioSport Club Member
Oh and the ESP light appears to be constantly on now, can't drive it anywhere to test it properly but would imagine this was something to do with moving the yaw sensor, might get rid completely I guess, unsure if the ESP light is an MOT fail though?
IIRC any light on the dash is a Mot failure, you'll need a 'friendly' mot center ;)


ClioSport Club Member
Gunna hopefully get dmallet to turn them off before the MOT :) failing that, dash out I suppose!


ClioSport Club Member
Sooo sending the OMP boss back to ybracing, so far they have been very good about it and purchasing a second hand Momo boss off here with the notches! :) Win!


ClioSport Club Member
No pics but sent back the OMP boss and bought a second hand Momo one with the correct lugs on the back for 182's. Re-fitted the OMP wheel using the Momo boss and it was a complete joy compared to the OMP boss, purely due to the hole being a much better size!