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Arctic blue 182

  Clio 182 turbo

I have been a member for a year now. My first Renault sport was a red 172. Picked it up cheap and it lasted a year but I enjoyed it so much that I Bought a 182 after selling it all in parts.

I have had the car a month and it has had some changes I don't have any pictures early on but when I bought the car it was pretty much standard had some carbon bits and carbon roof but had some horrid 17" alloys luckily prevouis owner wanted to keep them so drove back on steels.
I had a few parts ready to go on the new car.
Scorpion srn019
White turinis



That's how it stood with the srn019 and the Turinis on.

While it was still in the garage
I got more goodies
Bilstein b14
Air filter
Ktec engine mounts
Power flex dogbone
Full leather reclining buckets
remap at jams port


Made 185bhp at flywheel 6165rpm
looks like it makes 170lbft torque at 5000rpm

There is a few small things that needed to be sorted.
sun strip
rear lights





That's how the car is from today. I have got more parts to go on but work has been busy and haven't found time to get the car yo garage but I have got

Whiteline anti roll bar
The powerflex exhaust mounts as exhaust has dropped
PMS top mount and strut brace kit
Pressed metal number plates
Brembo HC MAX grooved discs
Ferrodo ds2500
Good ridge brake lines
Brembo rear discs
Brembo rear pads
All supplied by G172
Thanks again.
Carbon bullets
Carbon diamonds

Will get more pictures when get those parts on. :)

Future mods:
prospeed custom exhaust
438 camshafts
Ast sportline 1s
carbon fibre splitter
Carbon fibre exhaust surrounds
Carbon fibre rear bumper insert
Trophy spoiler wrapped in carbon
And a full geo set up :)

Thanks for looking
hopefully more updates shortly


ClioSport Trader
  need BRAKES? PM me
Brembo HC MAX grooved discs
Ferrodo ds2500
Good ridge brake lines
Brembo rear discs
Brembo rear pads
All supplied by G172
Thanks again.
No worries Josh, happy to help out. Cheers. Cars looking good mate, especially liking those seats :approve:
  Clio 182 turbo
Are they not recaro trendline's?

Cars looking good :)
They look like replicas they don't have any branding on.

If any one knows more about them would be appreciated.

And thanks dude its still a long way off being finished
  Clio 182 turbo
I knew the previous owner of this, looking a hell of a lot better already mate
What did previous owner do to the car?

Quick update

Just some metal pressed plates on but the front doesn't look right so might have to get the smaller size for number plates


  Clio 182 turbo
It used to have a jack Daniels logo on the roof :p and the alloys which were mentioned earlier :p
There is also huge amp cable about a inch in diameter going through the car got a bit of sorting out but was better than the red car I had before. You may know about the seats as they came with the car but a friend bought the car for a demo car and soon after I bought it from him when I took my red car to be fixed it was adding up into 1000s and originally he was going to keep seats and I paid bit extra to keep them.
  Clio 182 turbo

Carbon diamonds
Carbon bullets turned up yesterday so finally got them on.
Car is going to Dan@SJM this Thursday. So have a better update when it comes back.

Manage to get the carbon vinyl off

  Clio 182 turbo
So the car has gone to Dan@SJM today there will be lots of pictures to follow and regular updates with the help of photos from Dan.
All the parts that need fitting and the engine will be getting forged and turbo conversion
jim cook will want to meet up when car is back in bath
  Clio 182 turbo
The car got dropped off early May and still waiting for a few parts but I still been busy with a few parts to make the car look standard from the outside. The turbo has been delivered and looks brilliant :)

Got standard lights with clear indicators also going back with the silver diamond and bullets now trying to make it as standard as I possibly can.

I have also got my hands on a cup spoiler slight marks on edge but will touch that up

Finally got some brembo's for the 182 hopefully these will be able to stop me :)
300mm discs I am stripping them down and will be painting them yellow with black brembo stickers the process taking longer than expected I did use my dremel but did take it back a bit to far on some areas

Before they were cleaned

After they been cleaned

Its going slowly but get them done over the next week.

Will keep you updated cs_dave on the brakes.

All work will be carried out by Dan on the engine side but I hope to do all the other bits.

The wrapped roof will be coming off and will get the car detailed straight after :)

Parts left to do

Front splitter
arctic blue diamonds in turinis
PMS gear linkage if I can get a way to make it look standard.
Diff with O2m conversion when this box gives up

More pictures to follow when all parts arrive for car
  Clio 182 turbo
I might have to give the thinners ago tomorrow. :) and the turbo is a gt 2860r should be good for 300bhp:)
  Clio 182 turbo
Only a small update. All parts have now arrived at dans so car will be started on very soon.
but while it's been at dans the carbon wrapped roof is off and I have got the cup spoiler going soon as well uploadfromtaptalk1403365333011.jpg

  Clio 182 turbo

car is now in bits and is due to come back to the garage on Wednesday where it can start being built back up.

Also due to moving house didn't have the time to finish the brakes so I sent them off for a full rebuild and respray
cs_dave hope you like the new colour