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Are most Mk2 Clio strut-top mounts the same?

  S3, Polo
I've been offered a Genuine Renault set from a 2004 1.5 DCi *very* cheaply - the washer 'fix' - hasn''t solved the strut clunking on my car and I'm thinking I should replace them?

Cheers for any advice!!



ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
just had a quick check on the renault system, they are definatly different part numbers - so i'd say no mate unfortunatly.


ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
i run 1.2 strut tops on 172 struts :S

:S god knows then! i think they are different as all the clio range (mk2's) front shocks are the same apart from the 172/182/trophy/v6, and according to the renault part numbers on their system a normal clio is different to a 172!
  Dodgy one
IIRC I have read on here they are all exactly the same just different part numbers, prices and the V6 ones come with washers
All the same mate, was offered newish 172 ones for my 1.2 to solve the knock, but went with AST solid ones in the end.
  S3, Polo
Well I've been offered a set of 2 for £35 inc bearings.

Sounds good to me? IIRC Renault quoted me about £70 a side!?
  172 Cup
So I should be able to just get 1.2 ones form a breaker to try and use them to solve my knock-knock problem on my Cup? Theres a very low mileage in a breakers nearby me.

  S3, Polo
^ They're not exactly expensive and if you get some from a scrappy, they'll likely be fooked too!

EDIT: It seems the offer of the £35 has ended. Gutted.

They're now £29/ea for non-genuine parts...
  alien green rs133
i have found that a few times taking them to bits and spraying wd-40 about cures it, they are a pretty hard wearing design.