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argh :(

Just been cleaning my car and noticed a series of scratches on the offside rear quarter panel - looks like some dozey *cough* person *cough* has rubbed a shopping trolley against it :cry:

Will be taking into Renault tomorrow for a quote.

wouldnt bother mate, go find a local body shop. Renault were gonna charge me 350 to fix a dent in my rear panel. I took it to a local body shop, they fixed the dent and colour coded my car for 190

Dont park in supermarket car parks! If you do park mile away from the entrance if you love your car then it wont get trolleyed!
  Audi S3

or if u really have do what i do and go to a 24hour tescos or the like at 2am then theres nobody there witha trolly! :D

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

I know everyone sl*gs of main dealers but consider this.

Renault operate an anti-corrosion warranty and have done for several years now. If you have a relativatly new Renault (less than 8 years old) it will more than likely be covered by this plan. If you take your car to a repair shop not recommended by Renault you may (but not always) INVALIDATE the anti-corrosion warranty.

See your service/owners manual book for details regarding your car!

Take a look - it costs nothing to read your handbook/warranty documents

Hope that helps