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arrrrrrr sunroof.....

  clio mk1 ph3
ok my mk1, ph3 98 keeps dripping loads of water through the imobiliser (sp) which im sure is not good! it must be coming through the sunroof. I can hear a pool of water slushing around. Also my friend who has got a mk1 said his sunroof used to do the exact same.... is this a regular problem or what?

also can i DIY it or need a garage to fix it?
  Striped track ****
lol its standerd on a mk1

mine ised to do it

the water was cooming throught the arial and was pouring from the interior light lol

can be diy no people who have taken it out and but mastic round it then slaped the sunroof back on

but then you cant use the sunroof any more