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Astons, Ferraris and something MUCH quicker

Packed day at Combe on Monday, 10 races, biggest crowd of the year...and the quickest-maddest 4 wheel vehicles I've ever seen on track...

And here are the quick ones, couldn't believe the commitment and bravery of these nutters. Flat out over Avon Rise and then sliding around Quarry. Averaged 100mph around the circuit.

  Clio 182 Trophy 047/500
Wicked pics, a friend from uni used to race karts like that, absoulty awesome to watch, amazing how quick they can get round the circut.
Rich said:
Nice shots as ever Chris.

How did you shoot so low down Quarry?

By looking stupid :)

Quite far around the bend (opposite the marshals post) as the electricity wires make me go all funny (seriously!), led on the ground with the camera through the wire fence doing mini-pans...therefore had to go up to 1/320 due to restricted movement.

Sharkaroo: Didn't leave that spot all day so didn't see the paddock or anywhere else for that matter. Was it the resprayed yellow one (the Evo long termer)? He's been at Combe before.

I would love to know what speed the karts were carrying into Quarry, just insane. The Radical SR8s aren't much quicker than them. It's great when they spin off too, they just heave the kart back onto the track themselves, jump in and head off again! So quick and small I struggled to get pics.
bradus said:

love it

awsome pics fella

£70,000 Norris Designs conversion, somewhere around 500bhp apparently. Although last time I checked an MG ZR with an MGF 1.8 engine is actually winning that particular championship.
Did you get any picture of the Corsa which was in the same series as the Astra I have to admit I realy like it.
edde said:
Did you get any picture of the Corsa which was in the same series as the Astra I have to admit I realy like it.

Russell Poynter-Brown's? He won it last year, very reliable car. Got a few pics...

  Lionel Richie
Norris Designs??? hum, "lets throw the entire tuning catalogue at the car and hope"

RC developments have made more power than them
  172 Cup
it wasnt the yellow one, it was a silver one. the special gt didnt go well for us again, we had engine management problems causing it to misfire at about 5.3k! pain in the arse. the other white mr2 went quite well. the rx7 has just had a load of money spent on it, that went rather well!
i was stood under the palions on that day and when u touch some 1 u seem to vibrate (spl) also kept giving my gf electric shocks when touching her lol, great day tho the caterams (spl) were so funny.