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AT LAST... and some questions.

@ long last my quite nippy Si Dti is going.

19 months old. 39,888 miles, lost an absolute fortune, any takers?

I pick up my Brand spanking new 172 cup on Friday Morning. I think I got a good deal on it. £12,000 brand new, tax, plates etc at 4.4% interest (which means I am paying less than my Si. Insurance £931 with Direct Line.

What should I look out for to check all is ok with it when I pick it up?

Obviously, scratches, steering etc.

(one very happy) y0z

I walked in there and said, I want some money off, and told them I could get it for 11,790 from a company on the net (which I really could) they said the best they could do was 12,000 but they gave me more on trading in my Si. I got exactly what I needed.

  996 Carrera

Check youve got:

- 172 cup badges on the door pillars.
- can of tyre foam
- alloy wheel-locking nuts fitted (mine werent)

And check for water in the spare wheel well when its been raining. Mine will need a trip to the dealer soon to have this fixed - common fault on the 172 I think.

Confused, is water ingress a problem?

My badges were on, the bloke went to check the spare before handling it over, before I could explian he found there wasnt one or the cans. Said he would phone me up once he got me some. 4 days later I rang cause he couldnt be bothered to get hold of me! Got them now though, check the velcro is right as minds not, the two are the same material so dont bind, if you understand what im getting at.

Would have prefered the 172 cup on the pillars not to be put on as some kid will try and nick erm and there stuck on better than the other badges.

Anyone actually take a Cup for a test drive before buying, I had never even driven a clio before I ordered it. Just saw it in the showroom and the rest is history......

i got mine on saturday, i still cant stop looking at it, and grinning as soon as i floor it :D i really dont care about the build quality, just as long as it keeps acellerating like it does :p