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Taken from PassionFord, a remarkable (if you can call it that?) tour of Auschwitz.


And an example of his work below.

Gives me a shiver down my spine looking at this pic.

The "DeathWall".........People who were disabled, to weak to walk and that had been experimented on were shot against this wall........Some 500,000 people lost there lives here!

RIP the millions of people killed there :dapprove:


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wow dont know if its the right word to use but its amazing reading about it


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Stunning photos of a horrific place.

Some people on here (and in general) would do well to remember this while they're voting for the BNP and their various holocaust denying members.


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Moving, similar when i went to the Apartheid Museum in Jo/Burg in Jan. Hard to comprehend things like this happening.

Any Ethnic cleansing is vile, looking at Sudan,Ethiopia,Bosnia etc it is sickening.
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Being Jewish, I went there on a school trip in 2008. Also went to a few different places, very moving trip and the things that happened are disgusting. I can't bear listening/seeing anything related to the Holocaust since I went there, I've definitely seen enough by going to Auschwitz!
I'm just back from a tour around Europe but I made a promise to myself that i'd stop in Munich and visit the very first concentration camp Dachau. I believe that every person should at least visit one in their lives to get a feel of exactly what went on in these places. As for pictures i couldn't actually bring myself to take any in the crematorium or gas chambers.

For me i personally find it extremely difficult to understand that the people you brush shoulders with in Germany, it was actually their grandfathers / Fathers who carried out these unthinkable acts. What many people don't realise is that it was the german population who voted Hitler into power giving him the opportunity to carry out these acts.