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Ba*tar*s broken into my car

Sunday at about 10am they smashed the passenger window with a screwdriver between the glass and the rubber. This has bent the metal around the window under the rubber, and I think pierced the rubber. Apart from that instead of taking the stereo out neatly, they ripped the whole lot out with what looks like a big big screwdriver which has damaged the dash! The sh*ts! Stereo will not work as I have the remote for it. Why I bothered with an alarm I dont know, thought the stickers would put them off, well suppose it stopped them taking longer and taking more stuff! And still got glass in the door, thats tomorrows job, along with straightening the metal out, grrrrrrrrrrrr!:mad::mad::mad:

sorry to hear that mate, thats something im glad i havent been through - yet, touch wood.

youll get paid out from your insurance company wont you?
  ff 182

They are tw*ts i had my old car borken in 2 twice had about £2500 worth of stuff nicked they dont care they should have there hands chooped off.

Sori to hear about that mate.

  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Know the feeling mate exactly what happened to me, screw driverd the window bent the surround and ripped the head unit out .... b******s

Have a clifford 300 G4 system, which went off fine, need to run 240 volts through the body, that may stop them!! Think the bonnet sensor is playing up, will have to look into it tomorrow!

  2012 WRX Waggon

I had a front off in a Honda CRV I had a few years back.

The Bastids nicked the back, as it transpires they nicked a front from a civic from a bloke up the road a week before.

Sorry to hear about your car mate ,the gutless little sh1tz have got no brains so its suprising they can even use a screwdriver.

On a lighter note some dozy cow reversed into the front of mine on Xmas eve , then decieded because i was behind her and stationary its my fault.:confused: Car park was ful and no body saw anything.

Best of luck finding them and if you need a hand with the castration give me a bell.