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Baby Got Bak, Just Cleaned!! Hope You Like, First Pics of her on here

Some Pics for ya looks gd with me new ClioSport Sticker on ;) me bros got his MK3 in the background of one :S:






  RS Meg 175
lol yh^^

Nice mate get it lowered a CC'd and that will look the bizzo ;)

Plz for the love of god where a shirt when using a camera, could well be a hazard lol
No no probs as yet with the donut shop owners LOL drove past a couple the other day and they didn't seem to mind it,although where i live pretty much every second car has tinted glass in there range rovers so no biggy probs get stopped at some point the front windows are Light Smoke think it's bout 35%-40% then the rear is medium so bout 15%-20% also cos the car is black makes it look very dark it's not so dark in the flesh ;), i hope i don't get pulled they cost too much :dead: