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Back in a Clio, considering an Clio IV Sports Tourer. Pics with bigger wheels?

  Clio IV 0,9 Tce
Hi Guys

My old 1991 Valver, is still the car that i wish i never sold. However i am soon looking at getting a new car. It will have to be something quite sensible though (i have something else for fun). I have been looking at the Sports Tourer, as i really like the look of the Clio IV in wagon form, and i can use the boot space.
I am test driving one tomorrow. Will be a 0,9 90hp petrol, as i really don't drive enough for an oil burner.
I have tried the 3 cylinder in a Clio hatch, i was not really impressed then, but it was only a 75hp? Maybe it will be better tomorrow.

But heres my question. I have been looking for pics of Sport Tourers with different wheels. Would love to see some with bigger wheels, maybe lowered slightly?

Let me see what you got?


South East - Essex
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I think about 3 people on this forum have a Clio mk4 .. and not a single one is a wagon.

I think you're going to be disappointed*

* in both the lack of pictures, and the "90" French horses Renault have managed to implement into a rather large car.

The 200T I drove didn't feel remotely swift...
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