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Bad start to the day!!!! :(

Went to pull the seat back this morning and the seat lever decided to come off in my hand!! :mad: :( Still waiting for renault to call back, but in the mean time, anyone else had a similar experience? is it an easy fix for the renault guys!!!

Just spoken to local renault dealer, had no hassle, apparently its quite a common problem.

Just having to wait 2 1/2 weeks before they can sort it

clios are full of design faults. The amount of time my airbag light has come on is incredible. Its because the wiring is underneath the seat and becomes woren because your always moving the seat. They say it happens all the time and is a major design fault. thats renault for you eh

cliojohn - this is, however, not a problem unique to Renault - I had this in my Peugeot 306 TD - and I dont have it in my Clio!!!

I must confess i did have to call them back!! (gave them an hour)

Must have caught them when they were still half asleep, to admit there problems!!!

You would have thought 172s should have better materials rather than cheap old plastic!!!!!