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Batmobile Replica



Trader Rating - 100%
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lol, 77 offers, bet none of them are for over a grand. cracking engine choise far do's!
Trader Rating - 100%
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  Golf TDI
B-E-A-S-T ! lol if you brought it though , its not like you could take it to tesco or anything !!! look how long it is ...
Trader Rating - 100%
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  E30 318iS x2
Listing includes no engine specs or anything :(

Compares it to the wow factor or a Veryon lol
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  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
No warranty,no V5 or any other documentation.

I would not be buying that for 10k never mind 100k
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  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
no warranty lol. what do you expect, full dealer warranty? and a free set of mats?

I didnt spend 100k on my clio and got something.

For that kind of money yes i would expect something to fall back on if the wheels fell off

And a bunch of flowers on the passenger seat to boot