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battery flat again!

  BG 182
Came out off work the other day and the car wouldn't start managed to bump it off and get home I replaced the battery and all was fine for 2-3 days until it happened again new battery totally flat the question is what's causing this surely if it was the alternator the battery light would come o and it wouldn't last 3 days is it possible there's a short somewhere and that's killing my battery when the cars not running? I've already replaced the alternator once with a brand new unit that was about 2 years ago I'm sure a alternator should last longer than that! Any suggestions would be appreciated guys .


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Don't be so fast to blame the alternator for
Either not charging or draining your batt as there's loads of things in a modern car that Could achieve the same result over 2-3days if left unchecked. Obviously you should do the basics yourself (check batt voltage when running then check alternator output).

Truth is though it really needs looking at to find the source of a drain.

  Mk2 Ph2 172
As above you new to check what the alternator charge rate is.... If its

Put a multi meter in series with the earth cable to the battery and set to amps

Then you could pull fuses to see where the drain is coming from !!!!