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BBC Top Gear Clio 182 test video

Hi there everyone i was watching BBC the other day and came across the clio 182 racing blue gordini on the Top Gear program and i was wondering if anyone got a chance to tape it? If so i would kindly ask them if they could post it. Thanks
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Ive got it here, and Ill host it tomorrow nite if no one else hosts it tonite. (Off to bed, gotta be up at 6am :()

by the way what do you guys think about the comments they made about the 182? I think he was too harsh about the quality issue. In my opinion the quality is reasonable for a car that price

turkclio182.... are u on msn mate? if you are and your on ADSL then i will sent it to u that way.

me msn addy is

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I cant do it either get a error message and I forgot what it said. I see what they are saying about the quality however who cares what the inside of a boot looks like.
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hes a bit harsh regarding the build quality i mean who cares what teh carpet in the boot looks like? and then he goes on to contradict himself saying its uncomfortable only for him to state the complete opposite one minute later!

Hi Lads,

Would anyone be able to email me the video clip. I have tried to upload it from the clio sport website but it seems to corrupt after the introduction.

Thanks very much for your help


Thanks alot guys for your help regarding this beautiful car and i dont give a f**k what that guy says about the quality etc. Its one hell of a Renault. I will probably be the first one to get it when they arrive here in Turkey....Cheers

Hiya Guys,

Looks like the link isnt working anymore - has anyone else got a link to the 182 Top Gear review? I have a 182, but have yet to see the vid.


Quote: Originally posted by clio_zak on 27 April 2005

yeah none of them are working for me??
Thats cause these threads are old and I am no longer hosting it. Unfortunatly I am at work at the mo. Ill put it back up for you tomorrow if no else does before then.