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Be careful!

  CTR EK9 turbo

You know a while back i told you folks with mk.1 172s to try the noise trick by taking off the two tubes leading to the airbox? well, make sure you put them back onto the same holes in the air box, as i found out the hard way (well kinda). I posted a thread about my car losing power recently, well id put the pipes back into the airbox in opposite holes and one of them had been squeezed by the other making it impossible for air to get through to the air box! oops! no wonder my car was idling like a boat (around 1000 rpm to 1200 rpm sometimes). It mustve been starved of oxygen, literally. I also lost lots of poke in 2nd gear upwards. Phew! im glad i found the problem! and have resolved it by plugging them into the correct holes! dont try it in the dark is my advise! nice noise tho
  CTR EK9 turbo

ALSO, im wondering if those 172s with the lack of power had the same problem? - you know the ones dynoed at 160 bhp etc.(squeezed air pipe leading to airbox) as my car felt like it had about as much power as a VTS ive driven, just not the same punch as it used to have. Anyway, it felt awfully slow when the pipes were squashed..... 172 owners, check your pipes!!!!