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BEL 550 group buy

Ive arranged the deal with comtech, the BEL 550 units will be £255 including VAT and delivery. To make it easier with the money and delivery ive set up an order for all our units so all you need to do is call Mark (ask for mark in radar sales on 01942 851800) and then ask for a bell 550 under Mathew Robertss order. you can pay by switch, visa or mastercard and the unit should be delivered in about 3 days.

yes still available , just follow the above instructions I only sorted it out today. If we order a few more there wont be a problem.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Matt I had to duck out due to the fact my insurance is up for renewal mate. I did send a PM to you a while back to give you plenty of notice !
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Im considering one of these too, and may indeed join in your grouop buy if I may, but how good are they?

Having driven my 172 now for 3 weeks I definitely think its a license loser unless I either calm down or get a detector... but what about all the claimed false alarms from TrafficMaster units and garage door remotes etc... can you cut out the bands that will trigger falsies?

Certainly seems like a good price.