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In my opinion, on of the finest looking cars ever. While all your mates will be busy putting bonnet bulges/scoops and wide arches on their cars, you can sit back and relax. Oh and boy is it quick at 4500rpm!!!

Probably makes the best induction roar available on a standard hot hatch, but is subtle enough to have people guessing what car it is.

The Clio 16v (then Williams) were actually derived from and raced as Renaults Group A rally cars - thats saying something for a 2wd FWD car!!! Initially raced as a 1.8, thence as a 2.0 - hence the Williams homologation special to satisfy rally rules.

Just get one.

stop thinking, buy it, love it.
Youll get so many looks - jealous kids in maxed novas, saxos, fiestas, escorts they all love it! Theyre pretty rare too, so youll be safe in the knowledge that you wont see them everywhere you go (as per previously mentioned cars).
Plus its a good community, if you see a fellow valver then more often than not youll get a wave or a flash of the headlights - it also means that you can join this excellent club!

not bought it yet, and when i do i buy it it will be getting gas flowed and my n02 kit will be going in that. and a body kit also. i thought i better to do it to a good engine and not to my 1.4.

what you all think any ideas what to look for or where to look.

cheers jamie.

clio_king, how much are you looking to spend on one? Im currently looking for a valver on just about every internet site going. If you let me know how much you want to spend and where you are i can let you know what i find!!

i think im willing to spend £2000 at the mo (due to the fact the engine will get rebuilt and ive got to sell my 1.4rt first) im in dumfries in scotland.

many thanks m8


im sorry my friend but you cannot get a valver and put a body kit on it. Have you even seen the lines on this car??? Theyre agressive enough to get people to look but not ott enough to look silly. Its kind of a it looks like a clio but im not sure what kind of look!!

Slap your wrists young man!

Body kits can be done well tho......
And valvers are different but why not be even more different?
Matter of taste i guess.
Or lack of
  BMW 320d Sport

I went from a 1.4 RT to a 16v, Id always wanted a Valver or a Willy and a few years ago, Willys were 10 grand at least for a good one.

Ive gotta assume youve never driven a 16v. Look one up and go and have a test drive. Itll open your eyes. You wont even think its a Clio, its so different from an RT.

Find a Clio 16v/Williams and park your RT next to it - then try and tell us that you still want a body kit!! The 16v is just not like an RS Turbo, VTR/S or CTR, where you can just stick the bits on. I found that out when I had my 1.2!

Come to a meet my friend and youll see hardly anyone mods the body of these beautiful cars!

Also try the cars section of

Your gonna have to try lookin everywhere!! I had to be patient and wait months for my valver!! Even then i had to travel the width of England to get it!!! (Essex to Worcester!!! 4 hours each way!!!)
  silver valver/hybrid

even in standard trim the 16v turn heads, at work ive had at least 6 or 7 people asking about my clio, loads of people look as you go down the road, and i must apologise to the new shape 16v that flashed me on the way home, on the sutton road in walsall, caught me completly off guard, and didnt have time to flash my lights back.