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BenR not so frequent ask questoin haha

Hey Ben

From my memory your dad runs the HK Renault dealership right? Are they putting out any trainee position during Nov - Feb coz i m tryin to find a summer job when i m off from University. Any chance there?

Oh yeh hows that awesome kit you were designing?? if its done send me some info



  Shiny red R32

I got an e-mail from Ben the other day to say that he is back in his flat in Bristol with no phone, so no computer / internet, and until he gets it sorted he wont be on here too much.

Thanks Girlracer.... yeh i havent been on for ages actually i had to register this name.. oh yeh have you heard of his kit that he was going to put out ? man i definately need a summer job over there everythin cost money


  Shiny red R32


This is part of Bens e-mail I received the other day.

"Sylvia, I have had no access to the internet at the moment in my house... no phone line, and even my uni is having network problems! so my time on the net is very limited and I cannot afford to read the entire posting....but ill be sorted soon!!!! hope to be on permanently again!......withdrawals! Ben ------"

Hopefully he will be back soon!

Just in case Ben R reads this post:

Ha ha! Wouldnt get those sorts of problems at the "real" uni in Bristol!:D;)

yo BenRi know u r around haha coz u replied my ohter post :p Dude give me reply here

Yeh Clioman ottally get wut u are saying aiy the market is bad evertything is bad


oops caps lock.

anyway, im afraid that there will be no positions available and if it was, you would be paid absolutely in $5000 a month.......which you CANNOT live on at all.......but we have no positions.

i work there and i get paid nothing, i get my money from sales commision.....

i help the head technition with difficult fixes on the cars and delve in tocustomer service which i actually enjoy.....and its a 14hr work day for me...8:30 - 22:30!!!!! i had to communicate with england too which is why i was up late almost every night.

anyway, sorry bout that......but he RS-R kit is finished and we got just under 185BHP.......not bad.

BenH: true, our uni systems would be down so long if we werent so occupied with buying up your uni buildings due to the impending doom financially.....LOL.........UWE IS Bristol Uni.......haha......

inter uni rivalry!!??? where?

yipee~ :p

thats ok BenR thanks for answering anyway yeh i dont mind the money u know I love workin with cars my dad keep tellin me to go work in his firm (accountin) but had that for a few summer already.

So Ben u goin to be in HK during Nov - Feb? i want to see your clio man, sounds like a hoot.

Actually somethin I want to ask you can you speak cantonese? Just wondering

i will be in HK from the 18th of dec to the 13th of Jan or tehre you can just tell me when you in HK and well go for a spin.......

and i can only get by witha atiny tiny amount of cantonese........

Yat goh Dong Lai Cha Mmmm Goi......LOL

UWE is superior,

Bristol Uni is full of ra ras and rugga buggas with thier fingers stuck up thier ass,

Sorry Ben H im sure your the exception to the rule!

the showroom in CWB.....i am tehre some times if sales drop and i am needed to brnig ni a few punters..

otehrwise i am in Cheung Sha Wan at the main service centre dealing with teh really fun and niggly stuff....

i have pics of teh alst meet if you are interested.......quite a large turnoout!

Hehe, cheers for askin the question fred :)

The question that should really be asked is - How can I get it up to 200bhp+?? :D

184......i can believ that. My clio in HK was about (and before anybody jumps in with RR figue blah blah blah, we took one before to get the base reading as 166bhp) 182 and thats with 37 deg C air temps and teh RR is OUTDOORS!!

so its more than possible.

to get 200bhp and more, you really really need to get rid of teh stock inlet system. TBs are teh only way to go. On our race clio we stuck on some TBs from renault sport and got 215BHP instantly running std engine with magneti marelli ignition control. just think if we worked the head and balanced the bottom end properly.

A customer want 240BHP minimum for teh super production class series in SE Asia........see how we get on.

Oh, and cyue my Web group is if you want to join to look at pics and talk mainly tech.....