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best place 4 servicing in essex

My car is due its 84k service, where in essex is a good place to take it, i live in Romford

it needs an oil change and i want the book stamped,

its had the cambelt & plugs n leads done etc when i bought it at 78k

how much roughly will it cost for the service

any names/ addresses & phone nos will be greately appreciated

thanks Cat171.

As far as im aware ClioSport has a discount with Renault Romford. This will be fairly expensive though compared with a local independent garage. The AA Garages on the side of Halfords arent too bad either. Dont know the Romford area so cant advice on garage near you. I used to use a place in Wickford just off the A127 which was honest and reliable and very good on price.

Yeah i will ring reno i am a member even tho it doesnt say i am

bbpt, is in colchester which is about an hour away