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Best Speakers for 16v Set-up

With regard to my impending purchase of a 16v i was wondering what people recommend as far as speaker set-ups go??

I am not after the numberplate rattling level of sound as most people seem to love these days, i enjoy my music but dont expect everyone else to! I am going to want a crisp clear sound with a bit of low down bass for the occasional RnB i listen to.

Any advice on a good set-up for this car?? I am used to big cars and the Clio will be the smallest car i have ever owned so any help would be much appreciated.


[Edited by 16vsy on 08 March 2005 at 3:16pm]

for rnb go with a single 12" sub run off a mono/2/4 channel amp

some good front components (13cm fit easily, 17cm with a bit of work), fitting is easy on the valver possibly run them off the other channels if you use a 4ch amp

good head unit, its the main part of any system