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Best track day springs


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys apologies Im sure this has been discussed a hundred times just can't seem to find the right info, basically I've bought a 172 to do some track days in. Brakes are all done. I'm going to order camber bolts, shims for the rear, rear roll bar & cup shocks, but which are the best springs to go for? Not bothered about a harsh ride on the road, Ive read Eibach are quite soft? Id fork out for some coilovers front he get go but don't want the extra expense until I know I've got the bug back. Will start at 3 degreed front, 2.5 degrees rear and 10 mins toe out again what Ive read on here. TIA


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
Hello! Eibach Sportlines are good but have a soft initial spring rate. You will find you will get a bit more chassis roll vs my Grams springs.
The Grams springs also lower a bit more so that helps the centre of gravity and general stability as weight transfers front to rear.