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Best wax for mondial blue?

Is mine dark enough?

Sorry if thats a dumb question; I'm a bit of a newb to detailing. In fact to cleaning a car full stop!:eek:
  106 GTi
P21s on that shade of Blue for me.

Nattys will look wetter, but P21s will bring out the colour better and have more depth.

The overall look is all in the prep - polishing gives most the look.
  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
Really looking forward to giving my P21s a try. Heard so many great things about it, Nattys blue is nice too for that really wet look. :D
  106 GTi
kiza1986 said:
You suggest to use SRP before nattys or p21's rich??

For looks, Clearkote Vanilla Moose, CG M Seal and then P21s

For better protection AG SRP, AG EGP and then P21s
You've got a cup and an RX7?! You jammy fucker!:approve:

Cup looks mint.

I hav'nt got a PC. What exactly are the benefits? does it just save you work?


kiza1986 said:
Bloody hell.... i better get the elbow grease out
  172 cup TT
cheers rich - i want the 3 you mentioned earlier "for looks". Any highstreet stock all 3? i wont get them by the weekend through mail order will i.. fancy a cleaning sesh on sunday... (if it stays nice that is)
  106 GTi
The for looks suggestion is a mail order only job, none are off the shelf, apart from the P21s in the form of S100 wax if you live near a Harley Davidson dealer.

Contact Alex @ Seriousperformance as he may be able to get the VM and P21s out to you asap he is very quick.