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Best way to run in

Yup great idea, thrash it :cry:

Your not just running the engine in like alot of people think, they seem to have this idea about it giving you more power in the long run... your actually running the CAR in! this includes the gearbox, the brakes, transmission parts etc so thrashing it will put more wear on these parts initially.

Run the car as is stated in the handbook, upto 1k keeping it below 4k rpm, then after the 1k add 500 rpm per 100 miles, it will run the entire car in nicely then and dont be too harsh on the brakes as these need to be bedded in.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Theres also a safety aspect to running in. If anythings going to fail or fall off chances are itll happen in the first few hundred miles. You dont want to be doing !35mph when that wheel bearing shatters owing to a manufacturing fault.

I had an Astra (company car) a while ago - after a few hundred miles it refused to start. Turned out the factory had only put about 2 litres of oil in the engine. A good thrashing would have probably seen the car siezing solid in the fast lane on the M6. OK its all covered by warranty etc but it would have been a potentially very dangerous situation.

So do your 650 slow miles then build up gradually!

in the handbook, it actually says, stay below80mph, and 3.500rpm for the first 650 miles, and then drive the norm,

i kept below 70 and under 4.000rpm as told by my dealer, once did 650mls took her up to 5.000rpm on the odd little thrash, but didnt abuse it, and keep mostly at 4.000 and under.

yesterday, finally got to 1,020miles, and decided to have a proper go, and oh yes!!! now i know why i bought her!

the waitin is worth it! i still only really sit on 80mph, the odd 90-95 to over take!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Totally agree with TB1. More power through thrashing is no more than pub talk. The idea is to let everything bed in gradually. You didnt try for your 1000 metre badge on your first swimming lesson did you?

Gradual increments to your self-imposed rev limit as the miles go on is my way of doing things too.

more power through igniring the running in process......not saying thrash it off 7000rpm for 650 miles but ignore the runing in reccomendations.....

i did, i work for Renault and never had a prob. We get 6 monhs trouble free time off your warrenty when your fpootling about @ 3000rpm.

and, our race team NEVER buys cars and runs them in as it is PROVEN to be looser if given a hard time rather than pampered.

and many 172 results will show that.....

If it breaks in teh 1st month, they will HAVE to replace what is broken.

And do you seriously think that cars are still made to such a low quality that the will fall apart in the 1st few hundred miles? If its gonna break, its gonna break, its not gonna suddenly go from being faulty to fine....

Drive it normally, then change the oil after the 1st 1000 miles...

Not argueing, just stating from experience.
  320d M Sport

Agree with Ben, thats exactly what I did, got 152BHP @ Wheels, most people agreed that my high power output could have something to do with the way its run-in?


my mate just bought a brand new MG and they said to him

"No need to bed it in as they are all bench ran"

I said "well that aint under laod"

He said "yeah but we recommend our customers to drive them as they are allways gonna drive them right from the start"

I see there are a few who havnt grasped the concept here, its not about the ENGINE its about the WHOLE CAR, your gearbox isnt going to be bench run in, your cv joints aint either nor your bearings etc, if its not quite right to start with and your doing 100mph and the thing dies (which it will do very quickly if you run it hard from day 1) then your going to be mince meat....

Run it in properly, all this about extra bhp is bulls**t, some cars are better than others, my last 306GTi had 177bhp, 10 over standard and it was run in as per the book.


yeah i know what your saying, i was just stating what the guy at the garage said, i dont think that i would be to worried about a brand spanker falling to bits though! :p


its not about the car falling to bits its about the car having a fault from the factory to start with, the running in period is about finding these faults and ragging the car everywhere will just endanger the driver if there is a fault/failure due to manufacturing (possably one of the reasons they have the stated running in period). Ragging from new isnt good and gains nothing.


i guess TB1 is meanin that. even the oil needs to have time to circulate around the system :p n brand new brake shoes need to be run in as per usual even after a change and the suspension runnin on the load let it settle in ..

Yeh i think the whole horse power thing probably just depends on the car but .. maybe just maybe a good run in will bring u through a bit more miles than thrashin it from the start? perhaps? i dont know
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

I took it easy first 200 miles then started increasing the rpms and now at 650 miles, it goes like stink!

Its too tempting, once you get above the 5k mark it just begs for more and that green GAZ light saying change gear "please"... oh!