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  mk2 172

alright dave, were you in donny last wednesday or thursday near the college?, if you were there were two willys and a valver, alltogether off this board within 50 yds of eachother by accident!, i stopped and spoke to dicanio the guy in the willy. was trying to get to your side of road to catch you


Hi Craggy, how you doing?
Yeah it was me last wednesday, didnt see you though.
I see you almost blew your engine racing a scooby. Hows your car since I saw it last (in the garage, with the front corner missing)?
  mk2 172

alright mate, the car was fine until i gave had some gearchange trouble!, gave the 172 boys a bit of a scare last week in the peak district on the speed runs. thats amazing, 3 cliosport people all on the same road by chance. cant believe it!, done owt else to yours?, and are they new number plates(stylewise).


Just got a standard airfilter box with a K&N filter in, just got loads of other bits for my car, just replacement parts, but Im going to be ordering some big brakes to help me stop a little quicker.
My number plates are some I got made in Hull from a graffix shop for about £20.

Have you done anything to your motor recently?