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Big Thanks to Clean16v and Adi

  TT 225

For your time on Saturday :) Was muchappreciated and I hope it helps to solve my gearbox problem.

PS. My wheels looked kinda cool on the black valver hehehe

Probably see you both Thursday in Wilmslow again :D
  clio 20v

ur welcome although i didnt really do much hehe

my new engine is in just needs wiring up and hoses back on

should have it back tomorrow so ill prob b there on thursday to show off me shiny new engine :)

hope u get ur gearbox sorted, did u ring col i spoke to him an he sed he would

your welcome hun, see you on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps i want a williams:(
  TT 225

Aww - you can have a go of mine if ya like !

Yep see ya both tomorrow - lookin forward to checkin Adis modification out :D

no need!! as of mid march i will be the proud owner of a hot cammed willy!!!!!!!!!!! well a 1.8 16v with cams and a two litre bottom end anyway! with some other goodies thrown in:D...lightened flywheel, chip and supersprint manifold anyone?