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Binding/Siezing Rear Brakes

  Clio 182
Alrite guys,

In around feb/march, I heard some knocking when breaking and upon taking the car (182) to a local garage it turned out that my rear discs had cracked right through, like the ones in 'snails' post ( So got the discs/pads replaced for OEM spec ones and handbrake cable replaced & calipers cleaned/greased up (incase this was what is causing them to stick), anyway this was done in/around March and now I am experiencing the same problems again. Getting a droning noise when accelerating from rear passenger side which goes loud/quite when driving slower/faster, also the discs are scorched where outer rim has a band of red. Also I’ve noticed that when driving for longer periods, not only does the disc actually get burning hot, but the heat transfers though the alloy wheel and this becomes hot as well (would this be due to brakes binding?)

So a bit piss'd that I spent £300 in March for pads/discs which are more or less buggered now, and will need to plough more cash in to get them fixed, my question is though:

Should I replace:
Pads/Discs/Handbrake cable


Pads/Discs/Handbrake cable & calipers?

According to the garage who fixed it before the calipers are functioning correctly when they took them apart and cleaned them. So could this be a case of the 7/8mm discs mentioned in this thread? - -If so could someone recommend a good/reasonably priced set of pads/discs? - I will measure this disc 2night and update the thread when I'm home.

Needless to say the garage who fixed it aren't getting it back, as the new handbrake cable they fitted in march was only 17% effective in an MOT in May - dubious about these cowboys now, had been going to them for 8years before then so piss'd about that too.

Apologies for the rant, Ive only had the car since sept, and I’ve had to replace, dephaser pulley, timing & acc. belts, rear pads/discs/ handbrake cable/ the battery was goosed/ and now to top it off my bonnet catch is now broken- all in all costing a good £1300+ and its not even been 12months. Perhaps my first and last Renault :mad:

Thanks in advance


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50

Are you sure the rear brake assembly has been refitted correctly? The rear bearing units require the main bolt to be torqued up correctly or else the bearing dies. Also, are the pads fitted/seated correctly as it sounds like the heat build up is by the brake pads not being fitted correctly.

This will also kill the bearing unit prematurely.

  Clio 182

thanks for the quick response, I am not clued up on mechanical stuff myself to check if these are fitted correctly, I just presume that the garage would do so. Im in contact with a friend of the family who is a honda technician who is prob going to be the one fixing this for me, is there anything in particular I should be getting him to check? in theory should he be able to tell if they have been fitted correctly even if he's not a renualt specialist?

Is there anything I can photograph/check tonight when I take the wheel off which could help clarify this?