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Bird Muck question.

Hello Folks
Can anyone give us any advice on removing bird stains which are left behind on cars after taking them off.I got the main muck off but it has now left a cloudy kind of stain behind.I have give it a good rub with Autoglym polish but it is still there.Has anyone removed this kind of stain before,with any success.

Tried that Turtle Wax Bug & Tar remover? The gloss may have come off...Ive found that splatted flies seems to have taken away the gloss on parts of the bonnet. I can see the effects under artificial light more than anything. Better get rid of the big bird sh*te from the middle of my bonnet as soon as.

I think it took a few of the splats away but some are still evident. I think I might have done the damage the 1st time I took the fly sh*te off - just used a damp soft cloth, doh. The bloody spray on the bottle is keen, got the greasy sh*te all over the plastic grills (have to get the old oil out to polish it up!)


  Shiny red R32

I always keep a bottle of water and some Wet Ones in my car, so that if I am away from the house and see some bird muck on the car, I can wash it off ASAP and give the area a proper clean and polish when I get home.

Brun,you say the Turtle Wax stuff works,but is that once the bird muck is wiped off pretty quick.
My problem was the muck was on all afternoon and probably got baked has it was really hot.I got the muck off okay without any marks,but the muck has taken off the lacquer on the bonnet.Turtle wax wont restore this,will it.

Maguires (my lifesaver) do a instant remover that I keep in the door pocket. Just spray on straight away & its gone, wicked for tar & bird sh*te etc.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i had a similar mark mate, from a sh*t stain that i reckon was there for over a day !

i kept polishin an i tried every polish i own in the shed but nothin wud get rid of the mark

i thought the bird sh*t had damaged my paintwork so i lived with it, a few weeks down the line a got some bug remover as i do a lot of A-road an motorway trips

i decided to give it a try an it worked first time, i was so chuffed cos i thought it has damaged the paint work, but it was really just a stain, which Auto Glym, Mer, Turtle Wax Colour Magic, Turtle Wax Original etc etc couldnt shift
  Ford Fiesta

so which bug remover is the best for this as I thought bird crap that had actually etched into the paint, right underneath it wasnt going to budge for nothing. Like someone said they had to have their bonnet resprayed!?
  Ford Fiesta

off to halfords now to get some. how do u apply it to remove the bird mark, harshly or gently etc?
  Ford Fiesta

got some turtle wax bug and tar remover, about a fiver. It hasnt removed the mark. Tried several times and did as instructed but no joy. The mark can only be seen at certain angles and its "dotted" ingrained or etched not a visible colour like remains of bird poo.
never mind. Its only size of about a 5p coin.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ar$e, how long did you leave it on for mate ?

mine took 2 attempts to get perfect but it was noticeable after the first go
  Skoda Fabia vRS

leave it for a few minutes, not ages though as im not too sure on the affects of leavin it on

OK, heres my thoughts on the matter....

GR is right, try and wipe that sh*t off as soon as, to stop it eating away at the paintwork, especially on a sunny day...

...otherwise, try this. Get some Farclea G10 cutting compound (sold by all good paint shops, not Halfords, etc.). They use it like T-Cut on the mark. If the mark is still there, gently rub the area with 2000 wet-n-dry (soak the paper in warm water with a little Fairy liquid, and keep the paper clean). Then polish with G10, then a good polish, like AutoGlym. This will remove the mark from the top layer of paint....and it works for small scratches too!