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Birmingham V6 warning

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

If you see a V6 Clio running around the BIRMINGHAM AREA !!

Do not try to race it !! It has been donanted to the Birmingham Police by Renault !! It has been tweeked by the police engineers !! It is for them to patrol the outskirts of birminghams motorways.

This car is more than capable of taking on most things on the road !! It is silver sorry dont know the reg !! Fully kitted with all the cameras and gizmos.

This is not a wind up !!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

You can imagine the smile on the coppers face who gets to bat, this bad boy around the motorways !! Im sure its unmarked as well !!

The boyfriend is wondering if the reg is V6 FUZZ? I thought V6 B11CON .... Followed by the thought of a max power sticker on the rear window, yknow for camo techniques...

Youre spot them easily wearing;

Caps on wrong way around

Puffer Jackets

Big gold chains


and "My other cars a Riot Van" stickers in the window
  Clio v6

So you are saying tht every one of these 15 million Sexo drivers in Southend is a cop.

Oh and the reg would be V6 C@NT

Actually, I live in South Yorkshire (virtually anyway) and I have been watching that Car Wars program (based in South Yorkshire) and it says they have some of the fastest police cars in the world. It doesnt look like a particually bad job, in fact, makes me want to join traffic. Of course, I wouldnt pull any clios over. I wouldnt last very long I dont think though. I will get sacked for police brutality and variose other things. I would just chase BMWs all day and then beat the drivers when I stopped them.

  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Oh yeah, Ive been watching car wars.

My bf has been shouting at the coppers in that prog as they have caused him grief in the past when he was living in Donny.

(Tried to pin something on him he didnt do.)
  Lionel Richie

If i see it, ill give them a Cliosport flyer!!!!! Itd be good to get the old bill along to a few meets!!!!!!

BTW, if theyve put all those cameras and stuff on it, its gonna be fairly heavy (plus all the doughnuts in the glovebox) Is that why theyve "tuned it up???"