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Bit of fun last night!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Was out last night for a bit of a drive when an escort XR3i came up right behind me...and I mean about 3 inches of my rear bumper!!!! Once I had got past the old women doing 40 on a motorway I pull over to let this arse past (it was dark and wet) instead of pulling past he pulls in right behind me even though there is loads of space to overtake!! His fogs were on and I could hardly see because of the dazzle in my RV mirror. In the end I drop it down a gear and floor it...he rapidly dissapears, thats the end of him!

Later down the road I pulled through a set of traffic lights that had just turned green and once again overtook an old man doing about 15mph. A Golf come flying up my arse (though he wasnt gonna stop), couldnt tell what sort but there was no need to be that close!! So in third I floor it!!! After pulling away slightly he stay planted the same distance in my rear view mirror. So I pull over to see if he could get past...and he cant!! I slow down back to normal speeds and he pulls was an R32. Thank god it wasnt a GTI (that would have been embarrassing)....still the R32 couldnt get passed or even close the gap which I was rather pleased about!!

This made me think all these cars CTR, R32, Focus RS, Cupra R, Cooper S etc on paper there are differences in performance but on the road I reckon it would be total stalemate most of the time, there just aint enough in it to make a difference!

Alot depends on the driver tho, I had a friendly with a Golf R32 and kept up with him very easily...we were just playing so dont know if he was flooring it, wouldnt think so.... was fun anyway!!! ;)

Not one to put a downer on things but it is a new car so wont have many miles on it so the engine might be tight. But have to say that there isnt much that will convincingly toast a committed 172/cup/williams unless your well over the legal limit. Alot of these superhatches that are starting to emerge are powerfull, but also pretty heavy and youll only see the benefits of that power above 100mph. IMO
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

What difference would you expect to see if a car was 1 sec faster to 100? OK not a great example but would that be 1 car length or what? Thats nothing from a distance from 0 - 100 or any distance for that matter.

The only cars that would conviningly toast a 172 are the Evos, STIs etc!

If I were to move on to the next motoring level, it wouldnt be the super hatches, but more EVOs, Imprezzas, ie at least 250bhp and perhaps RWD as well as AWD.