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Black 1.2 Dynamique paint code

  04reg 1.2 Black Dynamique
Hi there, wondering if anoyone could provide me with some help.
I have an 04 reg dynamique and im not really enjoying the plastic strips along the doors. i want to remove them and do them black but I need to make sure they are the same colour as the rest of my car which is black. I dont know if the halfords "Renault black paint" would match.

Does anyone know how i can get the paint code for my car to make sure its a perfect match?

  ibiza cupra
if you look in one of the doors there is a sticker on the b post with an oval circle on it. the paint code is in there and i think it is nv676 if i remmember correctly
  04reg 1.2 Black Dynamique
Cheers people, one last question for ya. Where would I pick up the right pearl black paint?

thanks again