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Black clio 172/182 couldnt see

  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Wolverhampton region about 3-4pm black 172/182 couldnt see quick enough, i was in opposite direction heading into wolverhampton town in silver 172.
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Tettenhall Road i think or Wergs Road...i was in a silver 172 with stripes in oppisite direction in loads of traffic
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
That was me. I work on the Wergs road. 182. :)

Didnt see you though buddy?

You got fully blacked out rear windows? if so i swear you looked at me lol

im heading back up on tuesday to collect my splitter at about 1.30 so il keep my eyes open again.